Light and Wave

Plane Mirror Image

Lens Effects

Lens Effect due to Ripples

Refraction through a Prism

Transverse Traveling Wave

Longitudinal Traveling Wave

Longitudinal Travelling Wave 2

Transverse Standing Waves

Transverse and Longitudinal wave;
Standing and Traveling waves

Resonance on string
(Production of Standing Waves)

Interference of two Waves of Slightly Unequal Frequencies
(Formation of beats)

Interference of water waves I

Interference of water waves II

Multiple Sources Interference

Diffraction of water waves (opening)

Diffraction of water waves(obstacle)

Diffraction of water waves(corner)

Polarizers 1

Polarizers 2

Doppler Effect



Vector Addition

Newton's First Law of Motion (Inertia)

Kinematics of 1 D uniformly accelerated motion

Projectile motion

Inclined plane

Drop a block onto a moving board

Plane Motion Produced by a User-Controlled Force

Conical pendulum

Motion under Different Kinds of Force

Two - Body Motion

Spring-Mass Oscillator (Kinematics)

Spring-Mass Oscillator (Energy)

SHM Oscillator

Pendulum /Interrupted Pendulum

Phase Difference

Damped Oscillations

Forced Oscillations (Resonance)

Work and energy


Balancing a Vertical Pole

Sticks Falling Over

Translation and Rotation

Rotating Frames of Reference


E & M

Simple Electric Circuit

Shunts and Multipliers

Fleming Left Hand Rule

Magnetic force

Electromagnetic Induction (Motional emf)


Root-mean-square Voltage

Charging a Capacitor by d.c.

Square Voltage Applied to RC

The Action of Inductor

Square Voltage Applied to RL

RLC Series A.C. Circuit

RLC Parallel Resonance

Lissajous Figures



Not gate

NPN common emitter amplifier





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