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Rotating Frame of Reference (Coriolis and Centrifugal force)

  • The motion relative to ground will start a few seconds after the Button "Start" is pressed. This enables us to realize the final motion observed in the rotating frame is a combination of two parts: the rotation of the frame and the motion of the ball itself.
  • For the convenience of users,some interesting cases are preset (click to open the second combobox in the second row and select one). In each preset case, the parameters are still capable to be adjusted. Preset Cases
  • "Linear motion" --- the ball is stationary relative to ground before it is thrown outward.
  • "Linear motion (Coriolis deflection)" --- the ball is stationary relative to the rotating frame before it is thrown outward.



Internal Links :

Outcomes of the Preset Cases (Pdf)

Very Brief Introduction to Centrifugal and Coriolis Force (Pdf)

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