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Damping proportional to velocity

  1. Three cases:
    • Lightly damped SHM:
      There is an oscillation but the amplitude decreases exponentially with time.
    • Heavily damped SHM:
      There is no real oscillation. There is only a very slow return of the object to the initial equilibrium position.
    • Critically damped SHM:
      There is no real oscillation. It returns to the equilibrium position in the shortest time.

  2. The period of a lightly damped SHM is slightly longer than that of the undamped.

  3. Test for exponential decay: Ao/A1 = A1/A2 = A2/A3 = .....
    Equal Ratio

Damping due to Solid Friction

  1. The amplitude decreases linearly with time. Therefore, Ao - A1 = A1 - A2 = A2 - A3 = .....
    Amplitude falls linearly

  2. The oscillator may finally stop at a point with nonzero displacement.




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